You Get What You Think About

Your Internal Dialogue is Running Your Life

Have you heard that what you focus on you’ll get more of?


I believe it to be true.  About ten years ago I began really changing the way that I was thinking.  I listened to audios from inspirational teachers, I read books and got myself into courses that would help me mount this climb.  Prior to this, although I was really trying to be positive, I would say my mindset was programmed to be negative.  Underlying my positive speaking was a deep belief that I was broken.

The process of changing my thinking is ongoing, as would be for anyone.  When we stop surrounding ourselves with positive influence what comes in is the standard resignation of life.  We must strive, at least a little, in order to maintain that intellectual and emotional growth.  Personally, I choose to keep handy the influence of teachers, speakers and authors on a very regular basis.

Changing beliefs takes a bit of diligence; disrupting a brain pattern takes some awareness, a commitment to new thinking and repetition.  It isn’t hard or complicated; but we like to think anything that takes diligence is hard.

Changing how you think isn’t difficult, it just takes a little effort every day.  By investing some time into a few basic practices you can re-program your mind and your life to bring more good to you.  No matter what you’ve been through or how stubborn you are, with a little diligence you can change your thinking, your emotions and your life.

How do you change your thinking?

First, become aware of your internal conversation.  Listen to what you actually say to yourself.  You may be surprised to find out what your mind is busy doing when you aren’t consciously guiding it or ignoring it altogether.  It’s wandering down a dark alley, through a bad neighborhood and digging up the past.  It’s judging people, calling names and throwing insults.  It’s in misery, anger and frustration.  It wants to gossip and badmouth.  It’s confused.  And worst of all, it’s doing this to you and about you more than anyone.


Minimizing for Spiritual Growth

Get Rid of Excess to Expand Spiritually

Since the 1920’s we’ve been bombarded with advertising to make us think what we have (or what we are) is not enough.  And that by having more we become more.  In the 20’s more people were living in urban areas than rural for the first time in history.  Also, for the first time in history we weren’t reliant on what we produced as means of living… we had expendable income.  At least some people did.A Simpler Time

This advertising has continued and today we have more and more “throw-away”items than ever before.  From plastic and paper utensils to box fans and shoes.  We don’t keep things as long as our ancestors once did.  And since many items are so inexpensive why would we?  We can just replace them if we don’t like them or if they break.  We are told to buy and buy and buy.  We watch commercials that are designed to make us feel that something is missing; something is wrong with me or my life the way it is.  We are told that this car or this soda or this beer will make us have fun and look good.

But in the end these things are short lived.  These good feelings only last a while.  The novelty of the new car wears off in a short time and it just feels like a car again.  The fun of drinking with friends dies down after a while.  And that red can of soda doesn’t actually bring polar bears, Santa Clause or fun pop/rock music to your life. (more…)